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Make email productivity on your Android smartphone a reality. One Screen For All organize with smart folders unified inbox email app


  • Unified Inbox Email App:
    Choose to receive emails from different accounts into one inbox.
  • Smart Folders:
    Create folders that are automatically filled based on searches or contacts.
  • One Screen For All:
    Get updates from different accounts and folders on a customizable screen.
  • Intelligent Search:
    Search in your contacts, any related emails, conversation topics, or any other text. email organisation


  • IMAP: works with all popular IMAP-based mail providers like Google Mail (Gmail), Yahoo or Hotmail. You can easily import your existing emails and folders to your Android Smartphone.
  • Exchange/Active Sync:
    As an Android email app even supports accounts based on Exchange ActiveSync protocol. You can synchronize your Exchange / Android contacts and calendars with ActiveSync aswell.


Robert Scoble

Our CEO Ramin Assadolahi talks with Robert Scoble about


  • Related Emails:
    Gain better understanding from an email's topic by viewing other related emails.
  • Automatic Organization by Topic:
    View a cluster of emails (this is not an email thread) based on a specific topic, independent of which contacts the emails are from, conversations, or replies.
  • Contextual Calendar Entries:
    Create a new calendar entry right inside, whenever the content of an email suggests a date and time.
  • Smart To-Do-List:
    Create To-Do lists out of emails that contain a type of list - a shopping list emailed by your wife becomes a new To-Do list.
related emails mail app create a to-do list out of emails
mailbeat showing emails

Attachment Suggestions for emails email app to open attachments writing emails 2 attachment suggestions Attachment Suggestions for emails


  • Smart Attachment Suggestions for emails:
    When writing "Here are some pictures that I took yesterday in San Francisco." will display these pictures and suggest that you add them as attachments.
  • Personal Assistant:
    You get an email where someone is asking for a solution to a tough problem. will directly suggest which expert among your contacts, to forward the question to. writing emails on android phone


  • Privacy:'s contextual intelligence is computed on-device, no cloud-, connectivity- or privacy-issues.
  • Offline search:
    All downloaded data, including emails, contacts and contextual data, is stored on your device only and is available offline.

offline search email app showing mails
mailbeat showing emails

Versions free version badge
  • + all functions
  • - limited to one email account
  • - no support of
  • 0,00 USD basic version badge
  • + all functions
  • + unlimited IMAP accounts
  • - no support of
  • 4,99 USD
  • (In-app purchase) basic version badge
  • + all functions
  • + unlimited IMAP accounts
  • + unlimited use of ActiveSync
  • 4,99 USD
  • per year (In-app subscription)



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App Details: is the best email app for organizing and writing emails in a unique, intuitive way. Through intelligent linguistic algorithms, your data gets cross-linked for a new communication experience.
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